Adventure Journal: Week One

What a week!

It has definitely been an adventure this past week. What a way to begin this journal. If you missed last Thursday’s post and are confused, you can read it here and get caught up.

It literally began Thursday night, early Friday morning around 2 am. The wind began to howl, moving the trees violently and blowing everything away that wasn’t tightly secured. A few times during the night, I got up to look out the window to make sure we weren’t being carried away to Oz. Friday morning brought frigid temperatures and a winter wonderland. The wind continued to blow until around 2:00 in the afternoon. (The picture above is of my kitchen window Friday night. Yes, that is ice on the inside.)

It was Christmas weekend and our grandchildren were staying with us so I prayed hard that we wouldn’t lose power or have the water freeze up. Praise God the power stayed on and we had placed a heat lamp in the well house so the water never froze, however, Friday afternoon the hot water stopped working. Eddie suspected that the hot water line froze under the house where it comes out of the water heater feeding the rest of the house. The kids were here and the temperature was still below freezing and Saturday morning we celebrated Christmas with our children and grandchildren so we didn’t do anything about the hot water until Sunday after church. Eddie braved the cold, belly crawling under the length of the deck to get to the crawl space opening. (We plan to make that access easier in the future.)

He couldn’t actually see the line well enough to tell if there was a break but he could make out a very large icicle hanging from the pipes leading to the back bathroom, not a good sign. Not a single hardware store, Lowes, or Home Depot are open on Christmas day so we waited till Monday morning to figure out first, how to get to the pipe and then what repairs would be needed.

First dilemma, How are we going to access the problem pipe?

Remember, this is an old farmhouse built by my husband’s parents before there were building codes…

Eddie is a tall, healthy man so there was no squeezing through the tiny crawl space hole. I don’t think I could have even fit myself.

Time for Plan B.

The idea was to take up some of the sticky tiles that currently cover most of the back bathroom floor, cut out a section of the plywood sub-floor and go down between the floor joists to access the problem pipe. We are currently very much under construction so this is not as big of a deal as it sounds.

Every stud, floor joist, and rafter is at least 2 foot or more apart in this house….except for the floor joists in the back bathroom. When we lifted the plywood the floor joists were no more than 12 inches apart. Needless to say, Eddie wasn’t getting to the pipe that way either. We were however, able to see the damage. The copper pipe that carried hot water from the water heater to the back bathroom had froze and cracked. The crack was only about an inch and half long.

We made a trip to Lowes and got the part we needed and I had to suck it in, squeeze myself between those floor joists and learn a new skill, copper pipe repair. I will have to admit, I’m a little proud of myself. Before moving down here and starting this whole new chapter of life, I would have NEVER even considered attempting something like this.

As we begin a new year, I want to challenge you to not just make the same old New Year’s resolutions, but to jump outside of your comfort zone and do something new.

Go find an adventure!

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