And The Adventure Begins…

In a previous post titled Never Say Never, I told you how God turned our “never” into an answered prayer. You can read that post here. Today, I want to begin sharing our adventure with you as it unfolds. Lord willing, this will be the beginning of a weekly post. I will continue to post each Monday with truths from God’s Word however, each Thursday will be dedicated to this new adventure God has us on. A journal of sorts, posted publicly to testify of God’s goodness, grace, and trustworthiness.

In this first post I want to share my dreams and goals at “30,000 feet”. By that, I mean, long term, shooting for the sky goals. Hopefully each week will see us a little closer to reaching these lofty goals, one step at a time. After all, my Blog is titled,

Trusting God

Growing in my faith as I go through life

What an awesome opportunity to trust God! Although we aren’t quite as old, we feel a bit like Abraham and Sarah when they became parents of Issac at the ages of 100 and 90. My husband and I are both in our early 50’s. Some of you might say, “That’s not old!” while others may say, “Wow, that’s old!” Let’s just suffice it to say, it’s a little old to be starting a new adventure, especially one in which there is heavy lifting involved.

What exactly are those “30,000 feet” plans?

Self sufficiency.

By self sufficiency, I don’t mean becoming hermits, separating ourselves from people, and shunning electricity and running water. What I do mean is relying on God to walk with us to be less dependent on the system. I would love for Eddie to be able to retire early (3-5 years), not having to clock in and clock out every day, working for ourselves with our own business adventures. The plans are to fence in this property, making it safe for animals. We would like to build a garage/workshop where Eddie can work on vehicles and projects like his clocks. Next, would be a small barn to house milk goats, chickens, and turkeys. Our property backs up against the Cherokee National Forest. Along that border, I would like to build 3 small cabins/glamping sites to rent out through either AirBNB or VrBO. These cabin/glamp sites would double as places for missionary friends to stay for rest and retreat while stateside. Finally, I would like to plant small “pocket gardens” or “food forest” areas that will contain fruit trees and bushes, nut trees, herbs and medicinal plants, as well as vegetables.

That is definitely lofty goals for a couple of “old” people. There are a million “smaller” projects in between like clearing the property line for the fence, cutting down and milling mature trees, repairing our bridge, taking measures to secure the creek bank from future erosion, and make repairs on the house, just to name a few. Absolutely enough to keep us busy until Jesus returns!

How we can make a living with any of this? The possibilities are endless. The first obvious thing would be the rental income from the cabin/glamp sites. We could sell eggs, fresh turkeys (meat), goat milk products like soaps and lotions. Eddie could maybe open a clock repair shop. You would be surprised at the people who have old clocks, family heirloom pieces that need maintenance and repair. Then there is the sell of fruits, nuts, vegetables, herbs, and medicinal plants. I could also host seminars on canning, making butters and cheeses, gardening, and many other things people have forgotten how to do but would love to learn.

These are our “30,000 feet” plans and dreams.

Eddie and I know that God has us where we are for a purpose and it is most definitely His purpose. We can make plans all day long but ultimately it is HIS will that will be done and we trust Him.

Proverbs 16:9 

A man’s heart plans his way,

But the Lord directs his steps.

Proverbs 19:21

There are many plans in a man’s heart,

Nevertheless the Lord’s counsel—that will stand.

Do you trust God with your plans and dreams? Are you willing relinquish control and allow Him to change your plans and replace them with His?

I do hope you join us on this new adventure. I am excited to see where God leads!

Who knows, He may have a new adventure waiting for you…

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  2. I love this so much!!!


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