Adventure Journal Week Three

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It’s off to the dump we go!

I would not have said that this week was exciting or adventurous at all until I was talking to a friend this evening at church. I was telling her that I was dragging my feet on this week’s post because I didn’t know how to make trips to the dump exciting. She said “I think that”s exciting!” I’m not sure if she was joking or not but it definitely got me thinking. Could taking trips to the dump be exciting?

Well, of course! Why not?

As I have mentioned in previous posts, this house and property belonged to my husband’s parents, both of which we lost in 2021. This is where Eddie grew up. They built this house the year he was born. Even though we spent months cleaning, sorting, and giving away, with the addition of 3 days of an estate sale, there is still a LOT of stuff here. Add to that the accumulation of 32 years of our stuff that we’ve had the blessing of moving down here. That gives us even MORE STUFF we needed to sort through, give away, sell, or take it to the dump.

Our goal is to have a purpose and use for every item we keep and a place for each item to live neat and organized when not in use. For those of you who know my husband and I personally, you know this might very well take a miracle from God! I do have faith, however, that He called us here so He will equip us to do the impossible.

This past week we really began that process. I would love to report that everything is sorted, organized and in place but I would be lying. We have, however, begun the process and put a good ‘dent’ in it this week. There is something very freeing in going to the dump with a truckload of stuff, and there is a blessing in giving something away to someone who can really use an item that would otherwise continue to collect dust in your storage building.

When our homes and outbuildings are packed full of clutter, it is overwhelming and distracting to say the least. It is not healthy and lots of times it costs us dearly. It costs us financially. We end up buying new items that we own but can’t find; we buy totes and storage buildings; and then when we are popping at the seams, we pay others to store our stuff we have no room for at our home. It causes a great deal of stress. You have the constant stress of keeping up with and managing all this stuff that is costing you so much money which causes more stress….

You get the picture.

So yes, I will agree with my dear friend, going to the dump is exciting!

Think about it. Isn’t that exactly what God wants for us, to be free from the baggage of this world? Free from the baggage of sin?

When we give Him control and let go of all of our “stuff” (physical and spiritual) we are set free!

I challenge you to add some excitement to your week and go clean out a closet!

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