Leaving a Legacy

Have you ever thought about what kind of legacy you will leave?

On January 1, 2020, I lost my mom suddenly. She was only 64. May 8, 2021, we lost my mother-in-law and on December 5, 2021, my father-in-law followed his bride of 62 years into eternity. Needless to say, our family has been hit hard the past couple of years and we are still trying to adjust to their absence.

I know, I know, this is a TERRIBLE way to start a blog post! 

In spite of the troubles this world holds, God is SO. VERY. GOOD. I recognize this even in the darkest times, especially in dark times. 

We have spent countless hours, days, and weeks sorting through what feels like mountains of personal items, pictures, clothes, collections, and on and on. We have both learned a lot about our parents that we didn’t know before. Details that make us look at them differently, in a good way mostly. We’ve come to realize that they made mistakes, occasionally big ones, and they really didn’t have it all figured out after all. In a way, it is so reassuring to know they too struggled to walk through life. It’s also a little disappointing because it doesn’t matter how old you get, your parents are always bigger somehow. You know in your mind that they are merely humans just like you, however, because they taught you how to navigate this world, they seem wiser, and you don’t think of them struggling to find their purpose in this world. 

That is part of our legacy. We all start at the bottom; we all start from scratch. Each one of us has to figure out how to navigate this world and if we’re blessed with children, we are tasked with showing them what we’ve learned and even learning alongside them. 

I am reminded of when Paul wrote to Timothy in 2 Timothy 1:3-7. He calls to remembrance a “genuine faith” that was in Timothy that dwelt first in his grandmother Lois and then in his mother Eunice. These women left a legacy of faith in Timothy that carried him through his ministry and his life. 

Consider when the children of Israel crossed the Jordan river, God instructed them to remove 12 stones from the middle of the river and place them as a memorial to future generations of what God has done and what He will do. That was a visual legacy, a reminder that God can be trusted; their parents finally trusted God and He brought them into the Promised Land. When future generations saw those stones and asked what they were for, they were able to teach about what God had done. Joshua 4:4-9

As we continue the process of saying goodbye to our parents, I think of their legacy. I reflect on what they left behind for us. 

My mother left me a legacy of prayer. She prayed hard for her children, for people she knew and loved, and she prayed for those she didn’t. She truly ministered to those who were “in chains” and in bondage of every sort. She knew without a doubt there was hope in Christ and that her prayers would be heard and answered in His way and in His timing. She had a weekly habit of fasting and prayer and she instilled that in me. 

My mother-in-law was a dedicated wife and mother. She spent her life giving to her family. Her legacy was hospitality. There was never a person that entered her house that wasn’t fed, a lot. If she didn’t have something cooked, she would make you a sandwich to “hold you” until she could get something together. Company had to eat and leave full and satisfied. To this day, I feel the need to feed anyone who comes to my house!

My father-in-law left a legacy of hard work in my husband. He worked long hard hours for his family. He taught his boys the value of a hard day’s work. “If you don’t work, you don’t eat” was a life motto for him. Because of his legacy, my husband values work. He has always worked hard to provide for our family. I’m grateful for this legacy.

What is your legacy? 

What values and truths are you passing on to your children and those you have influence over?

We are never guaranteed that our children will cling to what we try to teach them (that’s a post for another day); however, it is our job to try.

I want to encourage you today to be observant and aware of the legacy you are leaving for those who will come after you. Be intentional and know it’s never too late to start teaching values and truths through the way you live your life. God has taught us these lessons from our parents even though they were mere humans.

2 responses to “Leaving a Legacy”

  1. True so true we all work so hard to make our mark in life to meet our needs but so many times after we achieve these goals , a roof over our heads ,food in the fridge clothes in the closet we continue to strive to collect never thinking that one day someone will have to sort through all our Stuff and either sell it or donate it or throw it in the trash. How much better to invest in our kids lives and leave them a foundation of faith character and knowledge of how to work and how to share with others not only their possessions but their tithe and their time to help others in need
    These are the only things that will last into eternity , Jesus first , our neighbors second , which is whoever we see in need in our circle of life , and finally our needs last . If we live our lives this way there will be a whole lot less to sort through when we are gone.


    1. Wow. Very well said Dottie! Thank you for reading and commenting ❤️


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